Dr. med. Peter Jung

Specialist for Surgery and Vascular Surgery
MVZ Westpfalz Company Associate


Tel.: (06371) 40 49 100
Fax.: (06371) 40 49 255

Professionally active for many years as senior physician and Head of Department at the St. Johannis Hospital in Landstuhl.

Since 01.10.2010 resident physician and company associate of the MVZ Westpfalz GbR.
As well as stationary and out-patient surgery the focus of the practice lies in a wide range of non-surgical services offered during special consultation hours.

A selection from our range of services:

  • General surgery: e.g. Soft tissue surgery, thyroid gland surgery, hernia and abdominal wall surgery
  • Hand surgery incl. nerve compression syndrome: e.g. Carpal tunnel syndrome, sulcus ulnaris syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, tennis arm
  • Accident surgery: e.g. Osteosynthesis, metallic implant removal, repositioning, ligamental reconstruction
  • Endoscopic, minimally-invasive surgery: e.g. Cholecystectomy, Appendectomies, inguinal, umbilical and incisional (groin, navel and scar) hernias, adhesiolysis
  • Vascular surgery: Varices, endoluminal vein surgery, arterial vascular interventions, carotid artery surgery, port implantation, shunt surgery and implantation of dialysis catheters
  • Proctological operations: Haemorrhoids, fistulas, fissures, mariscs, abscesses, vasectomies
  • Other operations: Male sterilisation, gynecomastia, and phimosis

Non-surgical treatments:

Including emergency and initial treatment of all surgical disorders of the locomotor system, abdominal and chest cavity, also treatment of sport and leisure injuries, adult and children bone fractures incl. plaster casts as well as the treatment of acute and chronic disorders of the skeletal and muscular system.